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2019/2020 Third Quarter Sales

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Annual report

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06/01/2020 2019 /2020 First Quarter Sales: €559.7 M Sales Voir la page Télécharger le pdf
18/03/2020 2019/2020 First Half-Year Sales: 1.2 Billion Euros (+2.3%) Sales Voir la page Télécharger le pdf
06/05/2020 First Half-Year Results Results Voir la page Télécharger le pdf
29/06/2020 2019/2020 Third Quarter Sales Sales
23/09/2020 2019/2020 Sales Sales
16/11/2020 2019/2020 Annual results Results

The “quiet period” is the period during which Trigano does not issue any financial or operational information on the company. It covers the period of two weeks before any release of annual, half-yearly results and quarterly information.

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