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Tuesday 21 March 2017

2016/2017 First Half-Year sales: +20.6%

2016/2017 First Half-Year sales: +20.6%

Confirmation of growth in leisure vehicles and trailers sales

(€M)   2017
Financial year
Financial year
Change (%) Change at constant perimeter (%)*
Leisure Vehicles Q1 (Sept-Nov) 327.9 280.2 +17.0 +17.0
Q2 (Dec-Feb) 353.3 277.3 +27.4 +23.6
Half-Year 681.2 557.5 +22.2 +20.3
Leisure Equipment Q1 (Sept-Nov) 33.2 30.9 +7.5 +7.5
Q2 (Dec-Feb) 34.8 32.7 +6.1 +6.1
Half-Year 68.0 63.6 +6.8 +6.8
Q2 Sales 388.1 310.0 +25.2 +21.7
Half-Year Sales 749.2 621.1 +20.6 +18.9

* : change in sales after deduction of Auto-Sleepers’ contribution, fully consolidated since 1 January 2017

Leisure vehicles

Thanks to the good level of demand and to the gradual increase in production capacities enabled by investment programmes initiated in the past two years, motorhomes sales increased by 29.0% in the second quarter (25.9% at constant perimeter). This growth was slowed down by the impossibility to fully exploit the increase in production capacity, as a result of the insufficient ramp-up of chassis deliveries by car manufacturers.
Static caravans (+26.6%) and caravans sales (+13.1% at constant perimeter) benefitted from the positive momentum of the market.

Leisure equipment

Trailers activity remained well oriented with 7.9% sales growth in the second quarter. Camping equipment (+28.7%) and garden equipment (-7.5%) are in low season and their evolutions in Q2 are therefore not significant.


The renewed confidence of leisure vehicles customers in Europe, the development of the vans segment and the success of Trigano products led to an increase in order backlog which points to a strong sales increase in the second half-year.

In the short and medium term, Trigano will pursue investment programmes in physical and human capital in order to better serve its customers, to further improve product quality and to consolidate its profitability.

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