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The Management Committee

Management decisions are taken by senior management in the Management Committee comprising:

François Feuillet, CEO,

Michel Freiche, Deputy CEO

Marie-Hélène Feuillet, Deputy CEO


The Committee is also enlarged to business units’ heads such as LV (leisures vehicles) and LE (leisure equipment). Place for exchange between managers, the management committee aims to provide an update on the industrial and trade policy and to ensure the good execution of strategic and operational plans.



1 - François Feuillet    
2 - Marie-Hélène Feuillet
Deputy CEO
3 - Michel Freiche
Deputy CEO
4 - Jean-Bernard Boulet
LV Committee
5 - Jean-Paul Fassinotti
LV Committee
6 - Holger Siebert
LV Committee
7 - Thomas Luible
LV Committee
8 - Paolo Bicci
LV Committee
9 - Stuart Turpin
LV Committee
10 - Dave Thomas
LV Committee
11- Jérôme Durand
LV Committee
12 - Olivier Marduel
LE Committee
13 - Michel de Verneuil
LE Committee
14 - Jean Legrand
LE Committee


Operational Committees to promote synergies
In order to encourage exchanges between business units and increase synergies in terms of purchasing, manufacturing techniques and commercial policy, Trigano has implemented several cross-company structures bringing together the managers of the main business units : the “Motorhome” committee, the “Trailer” Committee, the “Purchase” Committee and the “China Purchase” Committee.


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