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The Supervisory Board

François Feuillet
President of the Supervisory Board
74 years old, HEC graduate. CEO of Trigano between 1981 and 2020, after auditing experience (KPMG), financial management and general management (Singer Group and Compagnie Française du Meuble).
Along with Mrs. Marie-Hélène Feuillet, he holds 9,244,613 Trigano shares.

Alice Cavalier-Feuillet
Vice-President of the Supervisory Board
40 years old, a graduate of ESCP, is partner and joint director of strategy for Capital Solutions within Arcmont Asset Management, after having been Senior Vice- President European Corporate Opportunities with PIMCO (investment fund), Director at H.I.G. Capital and M&A analyst at Morgan Stanley.
She holds 966,816 Trigano shares (1 directly and 966,815 via ROMAX Participations).

Marie-Hélène Feuillet
Member of the Supervisory Board
74 years old, graduate of HECJF, she joined Trigano in 1994 after a career with the Banque Populaire group. Alongside, Mr. François Feuillet, she holds 9,244,613 Trigano shares.

Three independent members

Guido Carissimo
65 years old, graduated from La Bocconi (Milan) and Boston University. He manages a private equity fund, after having managed Trigano SpA from 1997 to 2003, and having held various financial and operational management positions within the Pirelli Group from 1982 to 1997. He owns 1,000 Trigano shares.

Jean-Luc Gérard
66 years old, graduated from Paris- Dauphine and Duke University. He spent his career within the Ford group, where he held various general management positions, thanks to which he acquired a detailed knowledge of the distribution networks. He holds 1 Trigano share.

Valéry Frohly
57 years old, HEC and Paris Dauphine University graduate. After a career in finance, notably with BNP Paribas, in France and Scandinavia, today she supports companies in implementation of their CSR and communication strategy. She holds 60 Trigano shares.

Pursuant to article L. 225-79-2 of the Commercial Code, the Supervisory Board has one member representing employees. He was appointed by the Group Committee on 2nd June 2018 and renewed for a period of two years on 8th October 2020:

Mr. Tony Cherbonnel
52 years old, employee of LIDER since 2000. He benefits from a regular training program provided by an external organization, covering in particular the role and operation of the Supervisory Board, the rights and obligations of its members and their
responsibilities. He doesn't own any Trigano shares.

In order to prepare its work, the Supervisory Board has set up three committees:.

Strategic Orientation Committee

This committee is composed with three members representing the majority shareholder, Mr. François FEUILLET, Mrs Marie-Hélène FEUILLET and Mrs Alice CAVALIER-FEUILLET, and one independent member, Mr Guido CARRISSIMO, committee chairman.

Appointments and Remuneration Committee.

This committee is composed with one member representing the majority shareholder, Mrs Alice CAVALIER-FEUILLET, and an independent member, Mrs Valery FROHLY, committee chairman.

The Audit and Accounts Committee

This committee is composed with two independent members, Mr. Jean-Luc GERARD, committee chairman,  and Mr Guido CARISSIMO, and one member representing the majority shareholder, Mr. François FEUILLET.

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